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What should your "Estate Plan" contain?

A comprehensive Estate Plan protects your family and assets, and is more than just a Living Trust document. Here are some of the documents that make up a comprehensive Estate Plan to protect your family and your assets from Probate and Federal Estate Taxes:

A "Pour-Over Will" is required to work in conjunction with your Living Trust to avoid Probate.

General Durable Power of Attorney: This power of attorney becomes necessary should you ever become incapacitated (short-term or long-term) and unable to manage your financial affairs. Your agent can step in and manage your affairs without a costly and time consuming Conservatorship action in Probate Court.

Advance Health Care Directive (Healthcare Power of Attorney / Living Will): A health care directive states your medical wishes, and appoints someone to make decisions for you when you are unable to. It allows you to state your wishes while you are able, and appoint an agent to see that your wishes are carried out.

HIPAA Healthcare Information Release: A HIPAA Release allows you to name your spouse, family members, and/or other designated persons to receive your healthcare information from your doctor. Recent laws (HIPAA) passed by Congress now call for stiff penalties for doctors and healthcare professionals who disclose your healthcare information without your express written consent. Make sure your family has access to your records so they can make critical decisions when necessary.

Nomination of Conservator: This simple document allows you to nominate a Conservator of your Person and Estate, in the event you should become incapacitated. This simple document can greatly simplify the Conservatorship process, saving your family time and legal fees should a Conservatorship be required.

Nomination of Guardian of the Person of my Minor Child / Nomination of Guardian of the Estate of my Minor Child: If something happens to you, what will happen to your children? If you don't have these documents, a Probate Judge will make the determination of who will raise your children, and who will control the Estate you have left behind for them. Be sure to state your wishes and protect your children's future.

Does your Living Trust provide creditor protection and asset protection for your children and beneficiaries after your death? At no additional charge, The Mamola Law Firm, APC will customize your Living Trust to protect the assets of your beneficiaries from attack and seizure by potential future creditors of your beneficiaries - failed marriages, excessive child support obligations, lawsuits, bad business decisions and auto accident claims are all protected by THE MAMOLA LAW FIRM'S exclusive CAP Trust™ (Children's Asset Protection Trust).

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